Alison Armstrong Art
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New Encaustic Works 2009
I start by scanning images from old magazines and other old papers and manipulating them in my computer, combining scanned images with my own photographs to create a collage. (I don't use images of famous people or products, but prefer the anonymity of long forgotten faces to create the characters in my little tableaux.)
The collage elements are printed onto heavy cotton rag paper and glued to a cradled wood panel, after which additional color is often applied with oil or water media. Then they are painted with encaustic, a luminous paint made from melted beeswax, resin and pigment which is painted from special palette heated to 200 degrees. The paint hardens quickly as it leaves the palette, but can be scraped, textured and reworked with a variety of heating tools. Oil paint is often added to the surface for additional color and texture. On smaller pieces I will usually collage and paint the 1.5" cradled sides as well.
I do all my own printing on a large format pigment inket printer. I also make my own panels (with the help of my husband Tom), and mix my own paints.

Alison Armstrong