Alison Armstrong Art
A famous artist once said, "Who would want to devote their life to small ideas?"

Well, I do, for one. I've happily offered up my life to expressing little things. A pun, a prayer, a pretty color. A joke from when I was ten. Fragments of memory, slippery like soap.

I am moved by small everyday beauty, unexpected kindnesses, and the little ironic daily coincidences that convince me that there is no such thing as coincidence. I find humor in the most annoying aspects of modern life, such as Botox and car alarms and dysfunctional relationships. It all shows up in my work. Is it Important? Art with a capital A? Doubt it.

My art may never change the world, or save a life. But if it makes you smile, and puts a little food on my table, then it's enough. Enough for me, and I think even enough for God.

Alison Armstrong